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Seago understands that customers would like their safety equipment returned quickly and safe in the knowledge that it has been serviced to the highest standard with the warranty maintained where applicable.

To help prioritise this, Seago is offering a range of options when booking a service.  The standard service turnaround time is 6-8 weeks during peak season; however, customers can select one of the faster options now available:

In addition to the normal servicing costs.

Liferaft turnaround options:

  • Platinum service £74.95 (72 Hours)
  • Gold service £49.95   (10 Days)
  • Silver service  £34.95  (21 days)
  • Standard service £0.00 (4-6 weeks during peak season)

Lifejacket turnaround options:

  • Express service £10.00 per jacket (1 week)
  • Standard service £0.00 (4-6 weeks during peak season)

* All special services are from the point the goods are received at Seago and exclude weekends

Service pricing

Find a service station or drop off point

To request a service and estimate for the cost simply complete the form opposite and click ‘submit’. All fields marked * are mandatory. Thanks!



It is imperative that your liferaft and lifejacket are inspected and serviced regularly and in accordance to the service schedule set by Seago, if the product is not serviced according to this schedule its warranty will be null and void.

Under no circumstances should you try to repair or service a Lifejacket or Liferaft yourself.

Seago offer liferaft and lifejacket servicing by qualified and experienced servicing professionals. Seago has extensive service network supported by drop off and collection points guaranteeing a hassle free process.


Winter storage

If you take advantage of getting your liferaft or lifejackets to Seago during the winter period ahead of your service due date, we will hold on to your equipment and service it as close to the actual service due date as possible.
Seago cannot service items in advance and post date the certificate.
Seago do not forward book equipment.

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